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Reproduction Management

There are many factors that may contribute to infertility in a bitch or queen, including:


  • Low sperm or poor quality sperm/semen from the male,

  • Failure to ovulate,

  • Uterine or vaginal infections,

  • Pregnancy maintenance issues, or

  • Anatomical problems


Our head vet has been involved with fertility for her entire veterinary career as she was lucky enough to work with one of the pioneers of small animal reproduction when she graduated. Needless to say, she has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to getting your girls pregnant, and has been passing this information down to the younger vets of the practice.


Collecting and testing semen, improving semen quality, fresh AI, frozen AI using transcerviacel insemination, caesereans, hormone treatment and progesterone blood testing are just a few of the fertility and breeding services we provide.


If you have a query regarding any breeding or fertility problems you may be experiencing with your dogs, studs, queens or bitches please call the clinic and we will help you to sort out the problem.

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