If you are a member of an affiliated body (VCA, GCCF etc) you get a breeders discount* at our clinic. Please call the clinic and speak to one of our friendly nurses about our discounted prices on:


  • Vaccination

  • Cat desexing

  • Proheart injection

  • Microchipping

  • Ultrasound for pregnancy check

  • Progestorone testing

  • Superlorin implant

  • Artificial Insemination

  • Caeserean

  • Medications, and more

*Breeders discount is only valid for registered breeders whilst the animal is in your permanent care.

Chirnside Park Vet Clinic is equipped with a progesterone machine to test the progesterone levels of the breeding bitch or queen. The test requires a blood sample and the results are obtained within 1 hour of collection. This fast result is especially important in the timing of an emergency caesarean for the bitch.

The progesterone test can be used to determine the exact day of ovulation for a bitch, and hence ideal mating times. Timing of ovulation is particularly important for artificial insemination, transcervical insemination (TCI), and surgical insemination, to maximise chance of conception and increase litter size. The expected whelping date is also taken from the day of ovulation.

Ensuring that the progesterone level is adequate to maintain pregnancy can be an important diagnostic step in the evaluation of bitches and queens with a history of difficult or aborted pregnancies.


All results are interpreted by our experienced vets who deal with breeding services on a daily basis and can recommend the best breeding program for you.

Please contact our friendly nurses for booking or pricing of progesterone testing. We are more than  happy to help with any questions.

Progesterone machine

We are equipped with a brand new ultrasound, used primarily for breeding purposes. From day 28 of pregnancy, we are able to determine if a bitch or queen is pregnant and give an estimate of the litter size. We can also pick up some early problems in the pregnancy.


In late pregnancy an ultrasound can ensure that the pups or kittens have adequate heart rates and are not becoming stressed. This is an important step in the decision to proceed to a caesarean.

An abdominal ultrasound is also an excellent tool for diagnosis of other reproductive disorders, including pyometra.

Please contact our friendly nurses if you would like to book an appointment with one of our veterinarians for an ultrasound.


Artificial insemination services

Sometimes a natural mating is not possible, or not desirable.

We have several options for artificial insemination, including:


Routine fresh insemination

Transcervical insemination

Surgical insemination

We recommend routine fresh insemination for cases where the mating is difficult, for example aggressive bitches, vaginal strictures or disinterested males. This requires a 30 minute appointment for semen collection and vaginal insemination. We evaluate the semen at each collection to assess the quality. Progesterone testing prior to insemination is recommended to ensure that the matings are timed with ovulation and to maximise the chance of conception.

For frozen semen, transcervical or surgical insemination is recommended as the quality of the semen will be decreased from the freezing process. We have new scope equipment for transcervial insemination where a catheter is passed through the cervix and the semen deposited in the uterine body. Surgical insemination deposits the semen in the same location via a small abdominal incision while the bitch is under general anaesthetic. Both of these techniques are a day procedure, and we recommend the patient to be fasted overnight prior to admit. Progesterone testing is required prior to booking so that we can time the insemination with the appropriate stage of ovulation.


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